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• Alegre by Sonalle Maroo

An image from ‘Ethnic Minority Domestic Violence Survivors’. A project involving representational portraits of ethnic minority women with text describing their domestic violence experience. Most women wanted full anonymity. This woman told me: ‘At first I didn’t even tell my best friend or my family about the abusive incidents. I felt ashamed of myself, being in such a horrible relationship and not being able to leave him. After I gave birth, I felt very depressed and isolated. I wanted to leave him but I kept trying to make the relationship work. He kept on being verbally and physically abusive.’

Sonalle thirsts for a deeper knowledge and understanding of universal life and society. After 8 years travelling, Sonalle is now driven by the desire to transform her journey, progressing, through her photographic story, to communicate what is frequently left unsaid; to deliver an insight into that detail we may not always perceive, or that we sometimes try to ignore.

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