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• Boris' Booze Tube Party 324 by David Hoffman

As a political stunt to give an impression of Doing Something, London Mayor Boris Johnson decided to ban drinking on the underground. While drunks on the tube can be a problem, drinking was not. On the eve of the ban people threw a party on the Circle line, thus creating more drunkenness in one night than in the preceding decade. Now, with the ban, people just get drunk before they travel, making for a slightly higher level of puke and disorder.

David Hoffman has specialised in social issues for more than 30 years. Resolutely independent, his work centres on the increasing control that the state exerts over our lives. A founding member of Editorial Photographers UK and Photo-Forum London, with a critical interest in issues around copyright and intellectual property, David is actively engaged on the frontline of his beleaguered profession.

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