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• Dawn Departure by Mark Bryan Makela

The storied Hastings fishing tradition has fallen on very hard times. More and more restrictions year after year make it increasingly difficult to subsist as a small boat fishermen, where boats are launched from shore by bulldozer, most drastically leading third generation fishermen into forced retirement. A thousand years of fishing tradition is in danger of disappearing. Fishermen are spearheading action to challenge the government’s unfair fish quoats in the courts, as they are allocated a meager 2% fish quota as opposed to 97% for larger boats.

Mark Bryan Makela is a London-based photojournalist who covers documentary projects and news assignments. In the past year his photographs have been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Independent Magazine, The Financial Times, PDN, the BJP and others. He was exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery’s Photographic Portrait Prize and the Foto8 Summer Show.

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